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White Oak/Scrubbed Pine English Shop Counter

White Oak/Scrubbed Pine English Shop Counter

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Approximate dimensions: 101.25" long, 27" deep, 36" tall

Finish: Fully stripped/unwaxed.

A stunning example of English craftsmanship, this shop counter dates to the 1920's.  The back, sides, and top are fully finished in white oak, while the front is entirely stripped pine.  From the front feet, to traditional British knobs, this counter emulates quintessential English design.  Coming in at 36" tall, we envision this piece in an unfitted kitchen as a prep table.  Above the 3 sets of drawers, is one long open shelf, making it an ideal storage solution for mixing bowls and larger kitchenwares.  The work surface is comprised of 3 solid white oak boards with minimal wear and bowing.  This counter has a nice light finish pulling in soft grey tones on the oak side, and mellow pine coloring on the front.

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