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Scrubbed Oak Bank of 24 Drawers

Scrubbed Oak Bank of 24 Drawers

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Approximate Dimensions: 104 7/8" Long, 23 7/8" Deep, 36 7/8" Tall.  6" Counter top overhang.

Outside Drawer Dimensions:

1st Row: 3" Tall, Width Varies 10 1/2" - 15 3/4"

2nd Row: 4 7/8" Tall, Width Varies 10 1/2" - 15 3/4"

3rd & 4th Row: 11 3/4" Tall, Width Varies 10 1/2" - 15 3/4"

Built by the thriving Walker Bin Co. of the early 1900's, the base of this shop counter is comprised of oak and entirely original. Birthed from a need to keep food clean and sanitary, the Walker Bin Co. mills of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania created shop counters and seed bins in various sizes for a thriving 20 years.  Their craft and skillset was so sought after, worker traveled as far as England to install truly remarkable pieces.  In the early 1920's the packaging of food shifted to meet an ever increasing customer demand.  This was the beginning of the end for the Walker Bin Co as it was known in its hay-day, forever shutting its doors during the Great Depression in 1933.  

While the body of the shop counter is entirely original and roughly 100 years young, the 24 drawer are a new addition.  Built entirely in house with the end user in mind, we fabricated 24 drawers from white oak that measures near 1" thick on all 4 sides.  Marrying our love of antiques with the need for functional, practical pieces in our homes, this piece is sure to fit the bill.  With a counter overhang of roughly 6 inches, we envision this is an ideal kitchen island.  The hardware is sold brass and matching on all drawers. We see the function in all drawers separating your kitchen goods; everything from utensils on top to larger bowls on the bottom.  For each of us, there is that one special piece that ties a space together and makes it feel like home, it is our hope that this will be that for you.

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