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Exceptionally Tall Dutch Cupboard

Exceptionally Tall Dutch Cupboard

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Approximate Dimensions: 43.25” Wide, 21” Deep, 55” Tall

Finish: Fully waxed

Standing proud at over four and a half feet tall, this two door Dutch cupboard is full of storage.  Centuries ago, the Dutch government imposed a property tax for housing facing the canal, the wider your house, the higher tax you paid.  As a result, furniture craftsman over the centuries began to build taller, rather than wider pieces of furniture.  This Dutch cupboard has two shelves, both of which are fully adjustable with the clever cleat design.  Below the first shelf is an interior clothing rod which can be removed.  The top drawer is quite large, and has its original skeleton key (as does the bottom cupboard door).  We date this piece to the 1920's at 100 years young.  

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