Who We Are

This all started on a cold November night in 2019. We were sitting on the floor of our fixer upper in the middle of one project, ready to take on another. It was engrained in me from a very young age, reduce, reuse, recycle. Some of the best memories I have are going thrifting with my mom at a young age, rummaging through Salavation Army bins, and starting the next DIY project. And my husband, Jake? Well, he married me.

Fast forward to that cold November night, I was buying and selling enough stuff through local websites when Jake asked if we should consider being vendors at an antique mall. We got our start with Zionsville Antique Mall in January of 2020, before Covid, before we got married. I look back on those 3 years and can't imagine doing this alone. We've spent more of our relationship.as antique dealers than not.

Our Brand name? That happened on a long snowy drive back from Long Island. Nothing tickles my heart more than finding a piece of furniture I fall in love with, so there's Cargo. As for Canvas, I was really drawn to the vision I saw with that word. What it means to have a blank slate, something to start fresh with and call your own.

I spent 4 years serving overseas and drew so much inspiration from the quality of pieces found in Europe. We felt so inspired by our 2022 summer holiday in France and England, we started to make a road map how to import, how to open our own store. Later that year, we began importing furniture from England, and opened our own store 2 months later.

We hope you fall in love with the pieces we find as much as we have. That home is more than a place to put your feet up, that its somewhere you feel inspired, and at peace. Thank you for being here.