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Confit Pot

Confit Pot

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A centuries old staple in any French home, these confit pots date to the 19th c. The word Confit, is derived from "confire", further translated "to preserve", a standard pot in every country kitchen before the days of refrigeration.  Each pot shows unique patina on its glazed finish.  Fully glazed pots were intended to trap the heat for the hours long simmer of any meat (most commonly duck or goose).  Further, pots with excessive staining and crazing were sure to have held an abundance of fat used to immerse the meat and aid in any rich savory meal.  Today, we bring the confit pots into our homes for their highly sought after rustic textures, warm earthy tones, iconic handles, and superb craftsmanship.  We find practical uses for the confit pot in floral arrangements, utensil holders, and dried food storage, to name a few.  Finally, for an unfussy minimalist look, they are left bare, leaving one to ponder the beauty and simplicity of a centuries old utilitarian French staple.  We will choose the perfect pot for you.

 Approximate Measurements:

13: 13.25-13.875" tall, 9.25-10" diameter opening

12: 12.25-12.5" tall, 8.625-9" diameter opening

11: 11-11.25" tall, 7.75-8" diameter opening

10: 10-10.5" tall, 6.875-7.25" diameter opening

9: 8.875-9.5" tall, 6.375-6.875" diameter opening

8: 8.25-8.5" tall, 5.75-6" diameter opening

7: 7.25-7.5" tall, 5-5.5" diameter opening

6: 6.25-6.5" tall, 4.625" diameter opening

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