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English Bus Scroll Tapestry

English Bus Scroll Tapestry

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These authentic English bus scrolls were once a staple of public transport buses throughout England in the 1905's-1960's. Rolled onto a tube and displayed on the front of the bus, the driver would operate a hand crank to change the destination shown to the public. Long since outdated by newer digital displays, these have found new life as tapestries showcasing our favorite cities and streets across England.

Oswaldtwistle-Accrington: 84.75" tall, 35.5" wide

Northrop-Private: 56.6" tall, 35.5" wide

Clitheroe-Bacup: 87.5" tall, 35.5" wide

Accrington-Pendleton Ave: 81.75" tall, 35.5" wide

Accrington-Accrington: 88.75" tall, 35.5" wide

Laneside-Mullards: 86.25" tall, 35.5" wide

Willows Lane-Clayton: 82.5" tall, 35.5" wide

Rye-Hastings: 44" tall, 30.5" wide

Pett Level- Rye: 65" tall, 30.5" wide

Westfield-Eastbourne: 72.5" tall, 30.5" wide

Ashford-Cadborough Cliff: 64.25" tall, 30.5" wide

Deepdale Road-Braithwell: 81.5" tall, 27" wide

Mothby-Rotherham: 82.25", 27" wide


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