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Vintage French Jam Jars

Vintage French Jam Jars

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The art and preservation of jam in France:

In the Middle Ages jam was reserved as a luxury for the wealthy, due to the sky high prices of sugar.  It wasn't until the 18th and 19th century when the art of jam-making became a widespread practice in common households due to increased affordability.  Many households began creating their own blends and recipes and starting generational traditions.  An early 20th century staple in any French kitchen, these wide mouth jam jars are heavy in weight with a simple, classic design.  Today they are a symbol of French heritage and the countries savory cuisine.

Approximate Dimensions:

500: 3.75-4" Diameter X 3.5-4.25" Tall

750: 4.24-4.375" Diameter X 4.5" Tall

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