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Diamond Pane Window Hutch

Diamond Pane Window Hutch

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Approximate Dimensions: 75.5” Wide, 17.25” Deep, 10.5” Deep (top), 93.5” Tall, 34.25” Base Height

Found in a church in upstate New York, this hutch dates to the Early 1900's.  The three diamond windows were a stunning compliment to the leaded glass church windows it sat beside.  Finished in original, true white exterior paint, with a soft grey interior, this hutch has fantastic display space.  Showcase it with or without the windows attached, either option creates a stunning view.  The right side of this hutch was built into the church, please note that side is not painted and does not retain a finished cornice.  This hutch was designed to be one unit, the entire top of the base is two pieces and cannot be standalone as a sideboard.  The top board of the base closest to the front is attached to the base, while the back board is attached to the top of the hutch. This hutch also comes with three functional keys that are interchangeable in any of the upper or lower doors.

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