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French Copper Pan Set (7 pans)

French Copper Pan Set (7 pans)

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Approximate Dimensions (largest diameter to smallest): 8" x 4" High, 7" x 3.5" High, 6.25" x 3.125" High, 5.5" x 2.625" High, 4.75" x 2.375" High, 4" x 2" High, 3.25" x 1.5' High

Once a staple in most kitchens in France, these copper and tin lined pans are beautiful additions to our homes. With the thick copper and cast iron handles, these hefty pans helped chefs evenly heat their entrees.  Sold as a rare set of seven, these pans nest within each other for an easy stowaway.  As we notice a shift away from stark white kitchens, antique copper is an ideal way to bring warmth in, without compromising the neutral pallet.  We always recommend re-tinning any antique copper prior to kitchen use. 

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