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French Grape Picking Basket

French Grape Picking Basket

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Found in champagne region of Northeastern France, these decades old baskets were used for harvesting grapes.  They boast a thick, handwoven wicker design, with bits of paint and stenciling.  All have a rich color from many years in the sun, offering a patina that simply cannot be recreated.  Today, they find practical use in our homes as laundry hampers, excess storage, floral displays, and firewood holders, to name a few.  The rustic, timeworn elegance of these rare baskets make them an iconic staple for any antique lover.

Approximate dimensions (all measurements exclude handles):

Dark Red with RBG: 33" wide, 26.5" deep, 23.5" tall

Dark With No Stenciling: 32.5" wide, 23.5" deep, 21.5" tall

Blue Stenciling: 33" wide, 25.5" deep, 23.5" tall

White LF: 30.5" wide, 22" deep, 19.5" tall

Red GFL Right: 31" wide, 24.5" deep, 22.5" tall

Red GFL Left: 32" wide, 24.5" wide, 21" tall

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